AI画像 2024/03/08

1girl, japanese, (Ukrainian:0.6), (pale skin:0.6), (cute:1.2), pretty, sitting, (grin:1.1), happy, 
school uniform, serafuku, skirt, red neckerchief, neckerchief, short sleeves, pleated skirt, shirt, black skirt,shirt, short hair, looking at viewer, white shirt, brown hair, sailor collar, lips, school uniform,nose, bangs, serafuku, bob cut, black sailor collar, neckerchief.
She is a junior high school student wearing a traditional sailor-style school uniform. She has a youthful appearance with a round, cherubic face. The uniform consists of a navy black pleated skirt, a white short-sleeved blouse with sailor-style collar and a red tie or ribbon neatly tied at the neck. Her hair is dark, styled in a short bob or shoulder-length with straight bangs that partially cover her forehead. The expression on her face is innocent and cheerful, with bright, almond-shaped eyes and a small, slightly upturned nose. She exudes an aura of youthfulness and academic diligence, typical of a Japanese schoolgirl.
(8k,  best quality, masterpiece), (realistic),